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Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Best uses – Delicious for bread dipping and creates mouth-watering sandwich spreads and spicy marinades.  It's delectable on pasta and other main dishes.  Cook eggs in it or drizzle on your eggs when done.

Try warmed as a dip for steamed artichokes instead of mayonnaise, or broiled on bread with a bit of garlic salt for instant garlic bread.

Suggested pairings - Traditional White, Peach and Traditional Dark.

Description - For those who enjoy the spicy yet slightly sweet flavor of crushed garlic, this is the oil for you. Plump fresh garlic cloves are pressed with newly ripened California olives to create the perfect flavor fusion of garlic and delicate olive oil.

Available in 250ml & 375ml. 

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Customer Reviews

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Garlic Olive Oil

I use this for literally every meal I make. I love the quality ingredients in the olive oil and the garlic flavor is so yummy without the hassle of using fresh garlic. It’s a must-have!!

Delicious and easy

The garlic olive oil is fantastic with lots of flavor but no bitterness. It’s so convenient and doesn’t lose its pungency over time. But then again, I go through it quickly! It is great in so many dishes.

Delicious and versatile

I run through so much of this EVOO. It's perfect when pan frying salmon, it's perfect rubbed on roast chicken, and it's perfect when combined with one of the unflavored balsamics in a salad. Super versatile - I promise you will run through more of this than you expect.

Put it on everything

If you like garlic and you like olive oil this is a match made in heaven. Put it on everything!

Love me some garlic!!

I am obsessed with this oil, it has taken time off my life from all the garlic chopping I used to do!