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Rosemary Olive Oil

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Best uses - This incredibly versatile oil will liven up any dish such as sautéed beef, chicken and fish, and dramatically improves the flavor of marinades.  Pamper your palate by using this oil to coat potatoes or dip in your favorite bread.  Combine it with any Strippaggio vinegar for a sweet and savory dressing or marinade. Cook your popcorn in rosemary oil and drizzle some over when it's done popping for a whole new popcorn experience!

Suggested pairings - Fig, Barrel Aged

Description - Our Spanish Rosemary olive oil is perfectly balanced:  a fresh and fruity extra virgin olive oil base is combined with a dash of Rosemary oil to create a harmonious crescendo of rosemary that begins softly and ends with an earthly aromatic kick. 

375ml or t100ml

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