Our Story

Our Story

"We loved it so much we bought the business!"

For years my husband and I bought these delicious extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars at this great little shop called Strippaggio in our neighborhood in Atlanta.  The owner sourced the oils primarily from small growers in California, which produces the most flavorful extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) in the world. The vinegars mostly came from Modena, Italy. Every few months we’d wander over and re-supply our pantry, talk recipes, and learn a little bit more.

Two years ago we learned that the Strippaggio brand was for sale – and we jumped. Our learning curve has been steep, but we dove in with gusto, learning about the amazing health benefits of EVOO, the pure sweetness of balsamic vinegars that contain nothing but grapes, and the differences between the varietals.

Our goal is to replicate that tasting experience for everyone, and we realize that the standard 375ml bottle may be more than you need right off the bat, so we offer every flavor in smaller 250ml bottles as well.

We want to make your meals a little more interesting, and gift-giving easier,  more memorable, and longer-lasting.  Take a look around our website and see which flavors strike you.  Strippaggio  

We're a small business. You won't find Strippaggio in Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon - just here and a few butchers, bakers and specialty grocers.  Our products are delicious and carefully selected; our bottles are designed to look great in your kitchen; and our gifts are designed to be remembered. 

Our goal is to introduce our family of products to our friends and neighbors, then their friends, and then their friends...

We love feedback and look forward to comments, sharing recipes and suggestions for new flavors.

Have a flavorful day!


PS - the guy to my left is Vincent LaGuardia Gambini (aka Vinny) whose kindness and sweet disposition inspires us every day.  In fact our company that owns the Strippaggio brand is Vilaga Brands - the first two letters of each of Vinny's 3 names.


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