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Xocolatl "Ripple Effect"

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Our friends at Xocolatl, a small batch chocolate maker here in Atlanta, decided to create a limited edition dark chocolate bar that would be a fun collaboration involving other Atlanta businesses—a ripple effect?

Inspired by the full-bodied stout full of dark fruit, raspberry & smoke, they went to Pine Street Market, one of their favorite butcheries, and asked them to smoke their nibs on applewood.  Strippaggio was enlisted to provide our Blood Orange-infused olive oil.  Tossing on freeze-dried raspberries for good measure, the result was Ripple Effect, a sweet and savory bar full of serious smoke and hints of fruit.

While this bar was originally intended to be a single-run batch, it quickly became a customer favorite and then a winner of the 2019 Good Food Award.  Xocolatl knew they had to turn this fun collaboration into a regular, year-round flavor and we hope it will continue to produce all sorts of other positive ripple effects.


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