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Olio Nuovo 2023 - Ascolano

Olio Nuovo 2023 - Ascolano

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This limited harvest is cold off the presses!  Experience the difference fresh makes. Dubbed "Olio Nuovo" in Italy, this "New Oil" has a distinct fresh flavor, with a deep green color, delectable grassy character and a 'slight peppery finish!

Olio Nuovo is the first batch of each harvest and always has a completely fresh and distinctive flavor that will make you rethink your taste buds.  If you've never tried Olio Nuovo - this is your chance.

Ascolano olives are harvested early for a unique "fruit-forward" flavor, reminiscent of stone fruit, like apricot! To all of the olive oil aficionados out there, expect this small-batch production to retain all of the punchy-green-tartness and peppery finish you expect from super-fresh olive oil.

Best uses include lavishly pouring the oil over fresh baked bread, drizzled over pasta, pizza or steamed veggies and of course, blended with your favorite balsamic vinegar and incorporated into a zesty vinaigrette. Get it while it lasts!

Available in 375ml or 250ml with easy pour spout.

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