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Olio Nuovo 2023 - Mission

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This limited harvest will begin shipping around March 10 - cold off the presses! Experience the difference fresh makes. Dubbed "Olio Nuovo" in Italy, this "New Oil" is the last batch of the 2022-2023 harvest.

This Buttery & Sweet "Olio Nuovo" is from the Mission olive and has a delicate underlying touch of sweetness and subtle notes of olive blossoms; it’s like tasting sunshine in a bottle. This is one of our best sellers every year but we only have a limited quantity. Flavorful enough for every type of food, yet sweet enough for everyday use.

What makes it so special? Olives are carefully harvested at different points of ripeness for superb flavors. These fully ripe 'late harvest' olives result in delicate, sweet flavors without the pungency of the ‘early’ harvest olives. The riper the fruit, the sweeter the oil.

It's buttery sweet flavor makes it great for so many everyday and gourmet uses. Sprinkle on popcorn, pasta, use in baking or even frying eggs. Adds flavor to chicken, fish and steaks. And it's heart healthy.

Olio Nuovo Mission is only available 1x per year.  This years harvest was a little smaller than usual because of the extreme weather so our quantities are limited and a little more expensive than years past.  But the taste is wonderful!

Get it while it lasts!


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